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Lesson Details.

These lesson details include:


All of the resources are offered here without any warranty or guarantee of their accuracy, although every effort has been made to make them as error-free as possible.

CIMT Statistics eBook, with solutions and Excel data files.

CIMT Further Statistics eBook, with solutions and Excel data files.

These two eBooks are from the University of Plymouth's 'Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching' (CIMT) and were originally written for A-Level Statistics and A-Level Further Statistics. They cover most of the content in the SQA Advanced Higher Statistics course and permission has been generously granted to host them here.

Each download .zip file contains:

In the eBooks, a red line next to a question's printed data set means that the numbers are in the Excel file.

The parts of the course that are not included in the CIMT eBooks are covered by the next downloadable .zip file:

AH Statistics Worksheets and Teaching Materials.

This includes worksheets for:


Multiple TI-Nspire documents have been authored to support delivering the SQA AH Statistics course content.

TI-Nspire Computer Software [Free 30 day trial].

TI-Nspire .tns files for CIMT eBooks, teaching resources and widgets

The download .zip file contains:

In addition, there are three pdf guides:

  1. 'Sampling Procedures using TI-Nspire OS4.2.pdf' shows how to simulate:
  2. 'Simple Coding of Statistical Simulations.pdf' shows how to simulate a wide variety of probability simulations
  3. 'Simulation of Chi-Squared Contingency Table.pdf' details the design of the .tns file 'ChiSquared Simulation RxC.tns'

TI-Nspire video solutions to various Past SQA Statistics exam papers are here

Below is a list of all the .tns teaching files, by conceptual category:

General Background


Measures of Dispersion

Random Variables


Hypothesis Testing & Inference

Bivariate Analysis


Revision Quizzes

The download .zip file contains:

  1. Quick Sampling Quizzes
  2. Which Test Quizzes
  3. Quick Revision Quizzes

Answers to these quizzes may be requested by sending an email to: statistics AT nhost DOT uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this website exist?

A: The intention was for this collection of resources to support AH Statistics Teachers around Scotland in delivering the course, using free resources that are tailored to the course content. Currently, no single published textbook offers this.

Q: I have found a mistake in one of the resources - can it please be fixed?

A: Yes! Just send an email with as much detail as possible to: statistics AT nhost DOT uk

Q: Can I please obtain the original Word documents for the some of the worksheets?

A: That should be possible. Just send a nicely worded email to: statistics AT nhost DOT uk

Q: Who is the author of this website?

A: It's Nevil Hopley. He has been teaching Statistics in Secondary Schools since 1996. This website is not affiliated to any organisation.

Q: Does this site use any cookies?

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